Graham Watson MEP: Gibraltar protest Rocks the boat in Brussels

Sir Graham Watson MEPA group of protesters from the Concerned Citizens group in Gibraltar is currently in Brussels to hand over a petition to the European Parliament’s Petitions Committee and protest in front of the European Parliament, Spanish EU Embassy and European Commission.

The group is in Brussels to protest against the continuing delays at the border with Spain due to the disproportionately heavy-handed customs checks when entering and leaving Gibraltar.

Gibraltar and South West Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson handed the petition over to the European Parliament Petitions Committee earlier today.

Sir Graham, who assisted with the logistics of the protest, commented:

“The continuing and disproportionate delays at the border are a scandal of the highest order.

“We have succeeded in our bid to Rock the boat in Brussels today – and will continue to do so tomorrow.

“It’s time that the EU realised the strength of feeling on the Rock about the issue. This problem cannot be solved by the UK and Spain simply agreeing to disagree, we need action from the European Commission to defend citizens’ rights to free movement and we need it now.”