Graham Watson MEP: EU should consider sanctions on Ukraine

Sir Graham Watson MEPCommenting on the deaths of two protestors in Ukraine today following a police crackdown, Liberal Democrat MEP and Foreign Affairs Spokesperson in the European Parliament Sir Graham Watson commented:

“I deplore President Viktor Yanukovych’s heavy-handed approach which appears to have cost the lives of two protestors in the streets of Kiev today.”

“While the Ukrainian government has turned its back on Europe, we must not turn our back on the people of Ukraine.”

“The European Union should consider imposing sanctions on Ukraine until this brutal repression is brought to an end and a political settlement reached.”

Watson: Greening EU power supply: hit ‘panic button’ now, not in 2049

Sir Graham Watson MEPThe European green energy community will come together tonight (Wednesday 11 July) for the launch of a new report which has been commissioned by the Smart Energy for Europe Platform set to be the new ‘study of studies’ on greening Europe’s power supply.

The report compares and contrasts EU energy roadmaps to 2050 authored by organisations such as Greenpeace and the electricity industry, the European Climate Foundation and finally – the one that counts – the European Commission.

Sir Graham Watson MEP, who is the Chairman of a global network of MPs and MEPs from all mainstream political parties campaigning to increase government investment in renewable energy and electricity supergrids called the Climate Parliament, as well as a UK Liberal Democrat MEP and President of the ELDR party, is hosting the launch. At the event, he will say: Continue reading