Bowles: European Parliament approvals appointment of Sabine Lautenschläger to ECB Board

Sharon Bowles MEPMEPs in Strasbourg today have approved the appointment of Sabine Lautenschläger to the European Central Bank’s (ECB) executive board, who will replace fellow German Jörg Asmussen.

The report approving Ms Lautenschläger’s appointment, authored by Liberal Democrat MEP Sharon Bowles, was passed with an overwhelming majority with 443 MEPs in favour and just 47 against.

This follows a campaign by the European Parliament in 2012 for the appointment of a woman to the all-male ECB board.

Sharon Bowles, who spearheaded the campaign and chairs the Parliament’s influential Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, commented:

“I would like to congratulate Sabine Lautenschlager on her new post. The appointment of a well-qualified and highly experienced woman to the ECB board is well overdue.

“It is shameful that there has been no woman involved at the highest level of the ECB since 2011, and that Ms Lautenschläger will only be the third woman to serve on the ECB’s six-person board since the institution was founded in 1998. It is not the case that there is a shortage of suitable women, as has quite clearly been demonstrated.

“We have a long way to go still to achieve gender equality in the banking sector, but the Parliament’s insistence on more female candidates is clearly bearing results.

“We must continue to keep up the pressure on all EU institutions to lead by example when it comes to promoting equal opportunities for men and women.”


Notes to Editors

Sharon Bowles’ report approving Sabine Lautenschläger’s appointment can be found here: