About Us

 Liberal Democrats European Parliamentary Party (LDEPP)

The 12-strong Liberal Democrat delegation in the European Parliament, led by Fiona Hall MEP, is committed to giving a strong voice to British constituents, companies and interests in the European decision making process. Lib Dem MEPs want to ‘make the EU work’ for people in the UK and HM Government to work through the EU to enhance Britain’s influence on the world stage.

Lib Dem priorities for this Parliament include sorting out the financial crisis and creating economic growth and jobs, tackling climate change, fighting crime across borders and promoting human rights across the world.

For Liberal Democrats, Europe is stronger together and poorer apart

Our manifesto for the European Elections of 2009

Alliance of Liberal and Democrats for Europe (ALDE)

The Liberal Democrat MEPs form part of the third largest political group in the European Parliament, the Alliance for Liberals and Democrats for Europe. ALDE is made up of 85 MEPs from 29 different centrist and liberal parties across 20 different Member States.

The ALDE group believes that for the monumental challenges of the 21st Century, such as economic and job growth in the face of global competition, climate change and crime across borders, Europe is the solution and not the problem.

Led by former Belgium Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE’s ambition lies in a political Europe that people can understand and which responds to their needs; a Europe that does not follow others, but takes the lead,

ALDE’s five key priorities for this Parliament are:

  • Tackling the recession and creating new jobs.
  • Greening our economy and preserving our planet.
  • Taking responsibility and funding our own future.
  • Defending democracy and leading in the world.
  • Fighting discrimination and promoting equality.

European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR)

The European Liberal Democrat and Reform party (ELDR) is a trans-national party fighting for liberal democrat values in Europe and consisting of 55 member parties from across Europe. The ELDR party is based on the principle of freedom and strives to translate this value into its politics, economics and all other areas of our societies. ELDR wants to provide a link between citizens and the EU institutions and is continuously growing in size and significance.

Liberal Democrats created their European political family in 1976 in view of the first European elections. In 1993 ELDR was established as a true transnational political party.

UK Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson was elected ELDR President in November 2011 for a two-year term. He wants to bridge the growing gap between the UK and continental Europe by working alongside Nick Clegg to establish good working relationships with other liberal parties across Europe, particularly where they are in government (Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Belgium, Finland, Lithuania, Cyprus, Slovakia). His other main focus is on the growing populism and nationalism across Europe and the failure of the conservative European People’s Party to tackle the eurocrisis and growing crisis of democracy across Europe.