Bill Newton-Dunn MEP – East Midlands

Bill Newton-Dunn MEP – East Midlands

Bill Newton Dunn MEPBill Newton Dunn was elected as a Conservative MEP for Lincolnshire in 1979 and is now the only British survivor from the first European election. He joined the Liberal Democrats in 2000 in protest against the growing Conservative negativity towards Britain playing a leading role inEurope. Since 1999, he has represented theEast Midlandsregion.

Bill is a member of the Parliament’s Development Committee and a member of the delegation to the Indian parliament.

As a substitute member of the Environment Committee, he was rapporteur on the use of phosphates in detergents for household laundry and dish-washers, which was passed successfully into law despite initial opposition from the Council and the UK Government..

He is strongly committed to tackling man-made climate change.

He is equally committed to fighting cross-border crime and favours introducing a European police force modeled on the FBI which could fight international gangs across borders on equal terms.

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