Edward McMillan-Scott MEP – Yorkshire and the Humber

Edward McMillan-Scott MEP – Yorkshire and the Humber

Edward McMillan-Scott MEP

Edward McMillan-Scott MEP is the only British Vice-President of the 751-Member directly-elected European Parliament. He has held the position since 2004, having been elected four times by his peers. He is one of the most experienced MEPs, first elected for Yorkshire & Humber in 1984.

Edward was leader of the Conservative MEPs 1997 – 2001. A life-long pro-European, he opposed David Cameron’s decision to remove his MEPs from the centre-right mainstream in order to form a controversial new alliance with a ‘bunch of nutters, homophobes, anti-Semites and climate-change deniers’ (Nick Clegg). He joined the Liberal Democrats in 2010, having closely worked with them for years, especially on human rights and democracy. He described the Coalition as ‘the happiest moment in my political life: Liberal Democrats have tamed the Conservative extremists’. 

 As Vice-President his portfolio includes Democracy & Human Rights, and Transatlantic Relations. Internationally recognised and respected as a staunch defender of human rights, from dissidents in the ex-Soviet bloc to China and the Arab World, Edward lends his voice to the voiceless.

 A frequent visitor to the Middle East, he has long advocated democratic reforms across the Arab world. He founded the €150 million European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), which promotes democracy and human rights worldwid, operating without host country consent.

 Edward advocates civil liberties, fair elections, fair taxation, education reform and radical reform of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. He stopped eating meat in 2008 to draw attention to climate change; ‘green’ and heritage issues are central to his agenda. He supports EU economic governance after the Euro crisis to sustain the EU’s Single Market – which has created 3.5 million jobs in the UK. A parent and grandparent, he campaigns for better child rights across the EU. 

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Website: www.emcmillanscott.com

Brussels Office:
Email: edward.mcmillan-scott@europarl.europa.eu
Phone: +32 (0) 228 45959