Lib Dem MEPs lead calls for election manifesto commitment to a Single Seat for the European Parliament

Edward McMillan-Scott MEPLib Dem MEPs today called on all European political as well as national parties to include an election manifesto commitment to a Single Seat for the European parliament.

Speaking after a public hearing in the European Parliament in Brussels, senior Lib Dem MEP Edward McMillan-Scott, co-chair of the cross-party, pro-European, pro-democracy Single Seat campaign, commented: 

“A supermajority of MEPs now believe that the European Parliament needs a Single Seat, to save money, reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our capacity to hold other institutions to account.

“The campaigns leading to the May 2014 European election are the opportunity to test political commitment and public opinion across Europe for a logical rationalisation of our business.”

“The UK Coalition Agreement includes the pledge to press for the European Parliament to have only one seat, in Brussels. Liberal Democrats are at the forefront of the campaign for a more effective European Parliament that has the power to decide where and when it meets – in one place, to serve our constituents better and to cut costs.”

“Only public pressure can change the mindsets of political leaders across Europe. A year away from the Europe elections, we request citizens to ask their governments to back common sense and write to their heads of government asking for a Single Seat.”

In February, Liberal leaders meeting in Amsterdam, including the UK’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP, endorsed a political statement calling for EU institutional reform stating: “EU leaders and institutions should explore and set out priorities for EU-wide institutional reforms, including reviewing the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of existing agencies and institutions, options to move to a Single Seat for the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers in Brussels…”

Note to editors:

- Full information from the hearing (including the video recording) can be obtained here:

- See the cross-party Single Seat campaign’s new pamphlet here.

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