Lyon: New test results underline need for EU-wide action on horsemeat scandal

UK Liberal Democrat MEP George Lyon has today warned that addressing the horse meat scandal will require an EU-wide solution.

Mr Lyon, a member of the EU Agriculture Committee, was commenting after the EU Commission published the result of testing which found the presence of horse DNA in almost 5% of beef samples taken from across the continent. He said: 

‘What these test results underline clearly is that this is an EU-wide problem that demands an EU-wide solution.

‘Horse meat has not only been found on our supermarket shelves but in our schools and other parts of the public sector. Dressing up horse as beef on this scale amounts to massive consumer fraud and those implicated in the scandal need to be held to account.

‘People need to have confidence that they are getting the meat they are paying for during their weekly shop. We need to see urgent action to boost traceability across the continent and ensure that consumers are protected.’


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