LYON: EU Must Justify Spending Increases

George Lyon MEPCommenting on the European Commission request for an additional 11.2billion euros in an amending budget, Liberal Democrat MEP George Lyon said:

“It is hard to understand how the Commission can justify this increase in the EU budget, long before bills from Member States are even through the door.

“At this stage the Commission has no definite idea of what the final payment claims will be for EU projects and will not know until later in the autumn what size the bills from Member States to the EU budget are likely to be.

“This “big-bang” announcement from the Commission is premature and the Commissioner has to explain how on earth it has arrived at these figures.

“The EU cannot always be the Oliver Twist of international organisations. Simply asking for more is not good enough. The Commission needs to explain why it believes it needs such a huge increase in the 2013 budget when it is only 3 months into the spending year.

“1.5bn Euros, which would be the UK’s share of this money, is not exactly pocket change.

“At a tough time for ordinary families and citizens across Europe, EU spending cannot be out of touch with the problems of the real world and people deserve some more answers.”

Note to editors:

The Commission announcement and press release can be found here:

Based on the UK representing 13.8% of EU GNI (UK House of Commons Library figures), this would give the UK a 1.55billion euro share of the 11.2billion euro increase.

This is an increase of 13.1% on the UK’s net contribution 2012 to the EU budget (11.8billion euros)


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