Ludford: Eurosceptics crazy to dismiss EU legal ‘scoreboard’

Baroness Sarah Ludford MEPCommenting on the publication of the first EU ‘Justice Scoreboard’ assessing the effectiveness of national legal systems in EU countries in civil and commercial law, Lib Dem European justice & human rights spokeswoman and London MEP Sarah Ludford said:
“Even for Eurosceptics it’s crazy to rubbish this exercise since they’re still supposedly in favour of EU trade. British firms operating in Europe require predictable, speedy and transparent justice that upholds the rules of the Single Market. Surely even Tories want to make sure contracts are honoured and businesses can invest with confidence in Europe?”

“The ‘Justice Scoreboard’ is absolutely not an exercise in harmonisation. It’s about probing weaknesses in very diverse European legal systems that are reliant on each other. Instead of bleating, Tories should fully support an assessment of efficiency, quality and independence, help ensure the UK jurisdictions come top, and put pressure on laggards to up their game.”
“I would like to see a similar review of criminal justice systems to drive up standards across the EU and ensure that measures such as the European Arrest Warrant do not lead to miscarriages of justice.”

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