Davies: Ban Discards

An agreement between ministers to curb the discard of fish has been criticised by a local Euro-MP for leaving gaping loopholes.

Fisheries ministers agreed on Wednesday (27.2) to reforms of the EU common fisheries policy, but said that close to 10% of all fish caught can still be discarded, dead.

Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies described the loophole as a breach of the principle that all fish caught should be landed.

Davies, a prominent campaigner for reform of the EU common fisheries policy, pledged to continue efforts to end discards once and for all.

He said: “Significant progress has been made and that’s to be welcomed, but we should not be allowing any fish simply to be thrown away.  It is not a sustainable approach.

“The final stage of the reform process involves negotiations between ministers and MEPs, and we shall want more progress before accepting that the deal is done.”

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