Davies: Fish for the Future

MEPs today voted for an ambitious reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) by 502 to 137 votes.

UK Liberal Democrat MEP, who founded the cross-party MEP campaign group Fish For the Future, commented after the historic vote:

“Today’s overwhelming support for EU fisheries reform from MEPs across all parties and nationalities puts us in a very strong negotiation position with Member States in the Council of Ministers.  The Irish Presidency has made clear it wants to complete the reform by June.

“People across Europe have said that we must stop overfishing, rebuild our fish stocks, and put an end to the waste of millions of tonnes of fish that are thrown back into the sea, dead, each year.

“We have insisted that more of the day to day decisions about fisheries management should be taken locally, by fishermen in partnership with scientists.

“Today’s vote deals a blow to those who say the EU is incapable of reform.  This was the first time that MEPs have had the legal powers to make a difference, and they have shown that they are up to the task.”

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