Lyon: “EU budget deal needs to do more on research and competitiveness”

George Lyon MEPCommenting on the news of a budget deal agreement in Brussels, Liberal Democrat MEP George Lyon and Vice President of the Budgets Committee said:

“The news that heads of state have agreed a deal on the EU budget is a sensible and realistic result that reflects the tough economic¬† times that ordinary people are facing.

The European Parliament’s priorities are quite clear: A realistic budget for jobs and growth, real flexibility to spend a smaller budget more effectively and a guarantee of a mid-term review in 2017 when economic times improve.

This of course is not the end of the road, the European Parliament which has the final say must now decide whether to say yes or no.

The Budget Committee will now sit down and examine closely whether our demands have been met, before deciding whether to accept or reject the deal, which will be decided in a vote in Strasbourg in the beginning of March.”

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