Ludford/ Bearder: EU-US trade deal unique opportunity to boost jobs and growth

Liberal Democrat MEPs have welcomed the launch of negotiations over a comprehensive trade deal between the EU and US earlier today.

 Sarah Ludford MEP, Vice-Chair of the European Parliament’s US Delegation, commented:

“The US is the EU’s most important trading partner and a hugely valuable economic partner for Britain. A transatlantic free trade deal will give a great boost to jobs and growth in both EU and the US. With such benefits on offer, this is hardly the time for the UK to exclude itself from EU leadership.”

“The Obama administration has already been clear that it wants to see a strong British voice in the EU. Now is the time for maximum British influence in the EU, to ensure openness and resist protectionism.”

Catherine Bearder MEP, who sits on the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee, added:

“The US is by far the largest source of foreign investment in the UK and is our largest single trading partner. An EU-US trade deal would be a unique opportunity to stimulate the UK economy and create thousands of jobs without spending a penny of taxpayers’ money.”

“With the US and EU accounting for almost half of global GDP, such a deal would also provide a powerful framework for setting international trading rules. By remaining an influential member of the EU the UK will be at the forefront of setting global trading standards in the 21st Century.”

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