Ludford: Assessing European complicity in the CIA rendition programme is overdue

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sarah ludford.jpgFive years from the European Parliament’s report into alleged European  collusion with CIA ‘extraordinary rendition’ (kidnap and secret illegal detention) developed as part of Bush “war on terror”, the Civil Liberties committee voted today on an update report. This addresses the extent to which Member States, Council and Commission have complied with their obligations to carry out full inquiries to ascertain and secure accountability for complicity in human rights abuses

UK Liberal Democrat justice and home affairs spokesperson and the author of the opinion on behalf of the Foreign Affairs committee Sarah Ludford commented: “There has been little progress in national inquiries into rendition allegations and those that have taken place have been far from full and independent. While investigations may only be capable of completion once the US fully cooperates in disclosing information on rendition practices, Member States  must not invoke spurious claims of ‘state secrecy’ to keep transgressions hidden.

“The EU should protest about the treatment of individuals such as Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri who is facing an unfair military tribunal in Guantanamo Bay and potentially the death penalty. It must also ensure that human rights are centre-stage when negotiating intelligence-sharing or other agreements with other countries. Where there is a risk of torture, unenforceable diplomatic assurances cannot be relied on as  a basis for deportation.  If we don’t uphold these principles then a torture-free world will remain out of reach”, she concluded.   

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