Bearder: Tories reject new transparency rules to clamp down on corruption


Catherine Bearder MEP - South East EnglandA Senior UK Liberal Democrat MEP has today criticised Conservative MEPs on forming and ‘unholy alliance’ with UKIP and fascist MEPs to vote down new EU rules calling for big businesses to publish what they pay to governments in developing countries.

Due to the Conservative and far-right alliance, the International Trade Committee today rejected tough amendments to Commission proposals requiring oil, mining and logging companies to publish payments to countries in which they operate to help curb corruption and bribery.

Catherine Bearder MEP, the Lib Dem spokesperson for international trade in the European Parliament, commented after the vote:

“It is absolutely disgraceful for Conservatives and UKIP to vote against new rules to curb corruption in developing countries, which are often resource rich but trapped in poverty because of corrupt officials. 

“Transparency and full disclosure of payments made to governments by big companies is the best way to ensure that the money actually reaches the people.”



Note to editors.

Please follow this link to the European Commission’s proposals:

 The vote in the International Trade Committee will now be passed to the Legal Affairs Committee for consideration, which, as the lead committee, will vote on the dossier in July or September to give a recommendation to the European Parliament’s plenary.

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