McMillan-Scott: European pressure on China as Dalai Lama visits UK

On the eve of Tibetan Spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, speaking at the Yorkshire International Business Convention [Friday 15 June], the European Parliament has increased pressure on China by passing a resolution on Tibet [Thursday 14 June], co-sponsored by Yorkshire & Humber MEP Edward McMillan-Scott (Liberal Democrat) in his capacity as Vice-President of the European Parliament responsible for Democracy and Human Rights. The resolution draws attention to the chronic human rights abuses taking place in Tibet which has tragically caused 38 Tibetans to self-immolate in protest since 2009.

Mr McMillan-Scott has for many years been highly critical of the way the Chinese regime treats people in Tibet.  In 1996 he visited Tibet, and afterwards he met the Dalai Lama who had been forced into exile in 1959 by the Chinese Communist Party.  McMillan-Scott is campaigning for a truly independent Tibet, free from Chinese repression; in 2008 he sponsored a successful political boycott by key EU figures of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony because of human rights abuses by China in Tibet, and in China itself.

Following the passing of the resolution in the European Parliament, Mr McMillan-Scott commented:

“On the eve of the Dalai Lama arriving in Leeds and with Chinese Olympic athletes scheduled to train in the City, it is vital that we continue to put pressure on China over the tragic tale of Tibet.    

“For many years I have been campaigning for Tibet and visited that tragic country.  Due to the brutal suppression of Tibetan people by the Chinese regime, literally hundreds of thousands of Tibetans are in exile around the world having fled from their own country.  

“We must always give a voice to the voiceless of Tibet and show to the Chinese government and the international community that chronic human rights abuses in Tibet will not be ignored.” 


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