Hall: National interests not Murdoch must determine UK policy towards the EU

Fiona Hall MEPFiona Hall MEP, the leader of the UK Liberal Democrat delegation in the European Parliament, has reacted with outrage over revelations by the Leveson Inquiry that Rupert Murdoch warned the then Prime Minister John Major to switch policy on Europe or lose the support of his newspapers.

Commenting on the revelations, Ms Hall said:

“It is outrageous that an Australian American tycoon, who makes a fortune out of his British media empire, should seek to blackmail a British Prime Minister over his position on Europe.

“British policy should always be guided by national interests and not the interests of a foreign media mogul.

“It is very telling that even the eurosceptic Open Europe think tank warns of the ‘unpredictable political and economic risks’ of a UK withdrawal from the EU and explicitly endorses full EU membership as ‘the best option for the UK’.

“David Cameron should keep this in mind at the next European Council Summit at the end of June. The UK must not be sidelined again.”


Note to editors:

The Open Europe report ‘Trading places: Is EU membership still the best option for UKtrade?’ can be seen here: http://www.openeurope.org.uk/Content/Documents/Pdfs/2012EUTrade.pdf

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