Davies: MEPs overwhelmingly back Commission on fisheries reform

The Environment Committee today unanimously endorsed the Commission’s key proposals for Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform. MEPs adopted 550 amendments drafted by UK Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies calling for measures to stop overfishing and rebuild fish stocks. Commenting after the vote, Chris Davies said:

“Today’s vote sends a strong signal that a huge number of MEPs in all political groups recognise the need to stop overfishing and rebuild fish stocks

“If we want a long term future for Europe’s fishing industry, we need to act now and rally behind Commissioner Maria Damanaki to support her fight for a sustainable CFP.”


Note to editors:

The Environment Committee’s Opinion on the CFP reform was adopted with 50-0 votes and 8 abstentions. It is calling for the following measures:

- setting a target of achieving above maximum sustainable yield in all fisheries by 2015 (no overfishing)

- long term management plans to be agreed for all fisheries, based on best scientific evidence or the precautionary principle

- restrictions on the degree to which Fisheries Ministers can set quotas that ignore scientific evidence

- requiring all fish caught to be landed and ending discards, to promote the use of more selective fishing gear

- transferable fishing concessions to be established only on a voluntary basis by Member States

- an assessment of overcapacity in the fishing fleet (too many boats chasing too few fish), and measures to reduce it

- full transparency regarding the allocation of fishing rights

- a fairer allocation of fishing rights to benefit small-scale fishermen

- the establishment of fisheries reserves

- ambitious long-term goals to restore stocks to levels that can produce the maximum economic yield for fishermen

- support for regionalised decision-making by encouraging MS to cooperate together when they are part of the same sea-basin

- strict sanctions against Member States that fail to comply with the requirements of the Regulation


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