Duff: EP constitutional affairs committee rejects greater voting transparency

Andrew Duff MEPThe Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament today rejected – by 14 votes to 8 a proposal from Andrew Duff MEP (UK, Lib Dem) to make all final legislative votes in the Parliament, at whatever stage of the legislative process, subject to roll-call.

Reacting to the vote, Mr Duff said: “It is hugely disappointing that the two large groups in the Parliament decided not to open up legislative votes in committee to full democratic accountability. It sets the Parliament someway behind the best practice in many national parliaments and in the US Congress.

“It is sad that Parliament does not dare to practise what it preaches to others about openness and accountability.

“Over 75% of all EU laws are now made at first reading, which puts the spotlight on how MEPs vote in committee. It is a pity that Parliament has decided today not to turn that spotlight on. Voting at committee stage of law making will remain opaque to the detriment of the work of the media and those who follow closely the work of the European Parliament.

“I am pleased, however, that we had the chance to raise the issue of transparency in this way. And the battle to modernise Parliament goes on.” 

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