Lyon: More savings must be found in Parliament Budget

George Lyon MEPMEPs today adopted the European Parliament’s first negotiation position on its institutional budget for 2013. Approving additional savings of 9.3 million Euros (£7.8m) in order to achieve a real term freeze, the 2013 Parliament budget is expected to be in line with the rate of inflation of 1.9%.

Commenting after the vote, UK Lib Dem MEP George Lyon, a Vice President of the Budget Committee, said:

“In times of economic hardship and national austerity measures, MEPs must tighten their own belts. Freezing MEP allowances, capping travel expenditure and cutting planned funding for political parties is an important first step in bringing the budget under control. 

“However more can and must be done to bring costs down.

“The savings achieved so far have barely touched the costs of running the administration and therefore the focus must be in finding further efficiencies and savings in that area.

“It is not a credible for the Parliament to be increasing its civil servant numbers at a time when the Commission is planning to take the first step in reducing staff numbers by 1% next year.

“There must be further savings on the table before we get to the final vote on the budget later in the year.”

Note to editors:

The Commission has announced a 1% reduction in staff numbers in 2013 as the first step in the planned 5% reduction in the new MFF. 

The full report adopted today can be found here:

The adopted draft budget for the European Parliament will now be forwarded to the Commission and negotiations with Member States will take place after the summer recess. In the meantime Parliament’s Budget Committee is looking into making further savings and has requested additional studies into travel costs, building

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