Lib Dems once again vote for a Single Seat of the European Parliament

Today, MEPs in the European Parliament’s Budget Committtee voted in favour of a single place of work for the Parliament and once again urged Members States to end the costly travelling circus between StrasbourgandBrussels.

Amendments to the European Parliament Budget guidelines from 2013 to 2020 put forward by Liberal Democrat MEPs also called for a reorganisation of Parliament’s working methods and an independent evaluation of Parliament’s budget in order to identify further savings. In particular, Lib Dem MEPs called for a detailed report on the cost of maintaining three places of work and the financing of the Parliament’s buidling policy.

Lib Dem MEP Edward McMillan-Scott, co-chair of the Single Seat campaign, said:

“Today’s vote in the Budget Committee has shown yet again that MEPs are fed up with the monthly move between Brussels and Strasbourg. We must now shine a lot more light on the costs and inefficiencies involved in maintaining three places of work for the European Parliament. The administration must produce some concrete and comparable figures in order to put more pressure on Member States to end this waste of time and money.”

Lib Dem MEP George Lyon, Vice-President on the Budget Committee, added:

“In times of austerity in many Member States, European Institutions must take their fair share of the financial pain. MEPs want to make substantial savings to the EU budget and there is no doubt that a single parliamentary seat would deliver just that. Today’s vote in the Budget Committee demonstrates there is a clear majority in favour of ending the costly monthly trek to Strasbourg.”

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