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Edward McMillan-Scott in Tahrir Square the day after Hosni Mubarak’s fall

Commenting on the re-election of Edward McMillan-Scott, Liberal Democrat MEP for Yorkshire & Humber, as Vice-President of the European Parliament with the portfolio for Democracy and Human Rights, as well a new responsibility for Transatlantic Relations, British Foreign Office Minister and Liberal Democrat MP for Taunton Deane, Jeremy Browne said:

“I am delighted at Edward’s re-election. He has proved a passionate, determined and highly effective campaigner for human rights and democracy. 

 “As the British Foreign Minister responsible for human rights and a fellow Liberal Democrat, I am greatly looking forward to working with Edward to pursue this agenda, which is so central to the enlightened interests of the UK and Europe as a whole.

 “With the Arab Spring continuing and tentative steps towards political reforms in Burma, the presence of strong and credible voices, fighting for human rights and democracy at home and abroad, is absolutely essential.

“I am convinced Edward is the right man to help ensure that we maximise the collective weight of the European Union in defending and promoting human rights and democracy.”


Notes to Editors:

  1. Edward McMillan-Scott is the only Briton on the European Parliament’s governing Bureau. He was first elected as an MEP for Yorkshire & Humber in 1984 and first elected Vice-President in 2004. He was re-elected on 18 January 2012. On 27 January he once again received the portfolio for Democracy and Human Rights and gained responsibility for Transatlantic Relations.
  2. Edward McMillan-Scott was the first outside politician to get to Cairothe day after Hosni Mubarak’s fall. He recently wrote about the Arab Spring in a Yorkshire Post article which can be read here:
  3. Last week, Edward McMillan-Scott met activists who had travelled toStrasbourgfromHomsto appeal for support.


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