NEWS: Duff calls for a change to Parliament’s electoral procedure

Andrew Duff MEPAndrew Duff (ALDE/UK), who is Parliament’s rapporteur on electoral reform, has triggered a revision of the Parliament’s own rules for its internal elections. He has written to newly-elected President Schulz to propose a change to the Rules of procedure allowing for the Single Transferable Vote (STV).

In his letter to the President, Duff says:

“STV would allow Members to express their order of preference for candidates and would considerably speed up the election of the Bureau. Under STV no vote is wasted. STV is a much more sophisticated form of election than the simple agglomeration of equal preferences which we use at the moment.

“STV is in fact ideal for use in a small, well integrated and highly political institution such as ours.”

Andrew Duff, who is Liberal spokesman on constitutional affairs, adds:

“The spectacle of the European Parliament spending nearly three days to fill up its own Bureau is faintly ridiculous. It is also depressing that MEPs cannot express priorities under the present system, but only crude support or opposition to a slate of candidates.

“I hope that our reforming President Martin Schulz will agree to expedite this reform as fast as possible.”

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