NEWS: Duff: MEPs elected on transnational basis would strengthen European democracy

Andrew Duff MEPThe Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) today adopted by a large majority (17 votes against 7 and 1 abstention) the report of Andrew DUFF to amend the European electoral system. The symbolic element of the report consists of 25 deputies elected in a single European constituency on the basis of transnational lists.

Andrew Duff, ALDE coordinator in AFCO, said:

This report is the result of a compromise but a compromise useful for the emergence of an EU-wide democracy. Now every citizen will have two ballots in hand. He can vote for his/her national list and for a transnational list to further strengthen his preference. This being said, I hope his preference will be for pro-Europeans MEPs. This system will also require a review of the allocation of seats in Parliament so that the demographic reality of the EU, calculated by Eurostat before each election, is given more consideration. “

The issue of transnational lists is controversial within the whole Parliament. The Duff report must first gain the approval by the whole plenary (possibly in March) before it can be forwarded to the Council under the relevant TEU Article.

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