NEWS: George Lyon: New budget role in European Parliament

George Lyon MEPGeorge  has been elected to a new role in the European Parliament as Vice President of the powerful European Budget Committee.

With the Euro crisis and continued economic crisis across Europe the Budget Committee plays a vital role in moves to rebalance economies across Europe.

George has also been re-elected as the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe (ALDE) coordinator and lead spokesperson for agriculture and rural affairs.

George commented:

“I’m delighted to have been elected to the European Budget Committee.

“There is nothing more important at the moment than taking steps to rebalance economies across Europe. Whether in the Euro or out of the Euro, our economies are all interlinked and we must work hard to ensure that we can grow out recession together.

“It is also vital at this time of austerity for Europe to tighten its belt, root out waste and inefficiency and ensure the EU funds are spent efficiently.

“I am also pleased to retain my role on the European Agriculture committee. Farming and the issues that challenge the agriculture industry day to day is my first passion and the size of the budget will be crucial to the future of UK and Scottish farming.

“While tough decisions have to be taken on the budget I want to make sure that agriculture does not have to shoulder a disproportionate share of any cuts in the 2014-2020 spending period.”

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