Tory scaremongering on Europe shows they are running scared of UKIP

Groupe ALDEThis morning Conservative MEP Leader Syed Kamall criticised a suggestion put forward by MEPs for number plates across the EU to be standardised, describing it as “idiotic” and saying it was being forced on the UK by “eurocrats.”

However, it has now emerged that the proposal was co-tabled by his senior Conservative colleague Malcolm Harbour MEP.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat MEP and Transport Spokesman in the European Parliament Phil Bennion said:

“We agree that a common EU number plate is completely unnecessary, and so I’m glad this proposal won’t be becoming law and is just a vague suggestion.

“But embarrassingly for the Conservatives, it turns out this was actually co-tabled by one of their own MEPs. This shows just how divided they have become when it comes to the EU.

“The truth is that neither the Conservatives nor Labour know where they stand on Europe.

“Liberal Democrats are the Party of In, UKIP are the Party of Out, while Cameron and Miliband are too weak to take a clear position.”

Notes to editors

Leader of the Conservative MEPs Syed Kamall was quote in the Daily Mail as saying the proposal was “idiotic” and was being forced on the UK by “eurocrats.”

The amendment co-tabled by Conservative MEP Malcolm Harbour can be found here. It was added to a report which will be voted on in the European Parliament on Tuesday, 15th April in Strasbourg

The amendment says the European Commission should “consider whether the obstacles faced by citizens and businesses when transferring their vehicles from one Member State to another could be further offset if there were a possibility of equipping their vehicles with number plates in common colours.” There is no indication that the Commission will make such a proposal and even if it did, it would have to be approved by national governments including the UK and MEPs.

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