MEPs vote to end “one-bag rule” and boost air passenger rights

Groupe ALDEMEPs have voted to strengthen air passenger rights in Europe including clearer rules on compensation and carry-on luggage and the right to free food and accommodation in the case of severe delays.

For short-haul flights, passengers will be entitled to £250 (300 euro) compensation after three hours delay, and will be given the right to disembark after a maximum of three hours waiting on the runway.

The new rules were welcomed by Liberal Democrat MEP and European Transport Spokesman Phil Bennion, who also pushed for seats required for carers accompanying disabled people or for musical instruments to be exempt from tax.

Commenting, he said:

“The most important change is that the definition of ‘exceptional circumstances’ has been tightened, meaning airlines will only be able to avoid paying compensation under specifically defined situations outside of their control.”

“The confusion over hand baggage allowances that currently plagues our airports will also thankfully be brought to an end. Each passenger will be allowed one handbag, one coat, one bag of duty-free goods and one item of carry-on luggage.”

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