NEWS: Ludford: Faster progress needed for an EU-ready Bosnia

Baroness Sarah Ludford MEPThe Commission today issued a progress report on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s readiness for the EU accession process.Bosniahas not had a central (state level) government since a general election last year, and the EU still has a peacekeeping force there under a UN mandate.

 UK Liberal Democrat European justice & human rights spokeswoman Sarah Ludford commented:

 “Bosnia’s progress continues to be stifled by inter-ethnic disputes impeding essential political and economic reform. Without politicians who can raise their eyes from tactical and nationalist obstruction it will stagnate and even go backwards.”

“Not only is there no stable governance but organised crime and corruption continue to be endemic, with judges not sufficiently independent and no professional de-politicised civil service.”

“I was proud to help ensure Schengen visa-free travel for BiH citizens and that is working well on the whole. But without the reforms necessary for Bosnia to meet EU standards it will fail to create jobs and a bright future for its people inside the EU.”

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