Bennion: New EU rules allow use of electronic devices on planes during take-off and landing

The EU’s Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has ruled that electronic devices can be kept switched on during the total duration of flights, including take-off and landing, as long as they are in “flight mode.”

Phil Bennion, Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesman, called on the European Commission to review the ban on the use of mobile phones in planes back in March 2013.

Commenting, he said:

“I’m glad that the rules are being updated in line with scientific evidence and the latest technology. Using smartphones, tablets and e-readers has become part and parcel of modern travel, and so it’s good news that passengers will now be able to keep reading and working while in flight-mode.”

“The next step will be to see how all passengers can stay safely connected to the internet while onboard. However, to avoid any outbreaks of “sky rage”, airlines might want to think twice before they allow mobile phone calls onboard.”

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