Davies: MEPs approve back-loading to shore up EU emissions trading scheme

Chris Davies MEPMEPs voted today by 385 votes to 284 to support ‘back-loading’ proposals that will shore up the EU’s emissions trading scheme today by delaying the sale of carbon credits.

UK Liberal Democrat European environmental spokesperson Chris Davies commented after the vote:

“What should have been nothing more than a minor regulatory adjustment had become a test of the EU’s entire strategy on climate change. We must now ensure Europe takes the lead in the fight against global warming by pursuing long-term structural reform of the ETS.”

Commenting on the fact that Conservative MEPs voted against the back-loading proposals, even they were strongly supported by the UK Government, Mr Davies added:

“Conservative MEPs have turned their back on the future and shown their contempt both for the needs of British industry and the policies of the coalition government. The simple fact is that businesses in Britain are paying more for energy than our competitors. The reforms agreed today will set that right while keeping up the fight against climate change.”




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