Ludford: MPs and Lords right to support EU crime-fighting measures

Baroness Sarah Ludford MEPThe House of Commons Justice Committee and House of Lords EU Committee have both published reports today on the UK’s decision over which EU policing and criminal justice measures to stay a participant in.

The Justice Committee broadly supports the coalition government’s intentions while the House of Lords EU Committee goes further in arguing that the UK should seek to rejoin several additional measures on grounds of coherence.

Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP, Liberal Democrat European Spokesperson on Justice and Home Affairs, commented:

“Parliamentarians in both Houses have rightly concluded that EU police and judicial cooperation is clearly in the national interest.

“From the beginning, Liberal Democrats have been adamant that eurosceptic ideology should not trump the safety of the British people. That is why we successfully blocked Tory attempts to withdraw from key crime-fighting measures.

“We will now work to ensure that, in forthcoming negotiations between the UK government and Brussels, the police continue to have the tools they need to tackle cross-border crime in the 21st century.”

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