Davies: Tories blow second chance on business carbon vote

Chris Davies MEPConservative MEPs got a second opportunity to help British business today – and once again blew it.

In April, the European Parliament voted on a proposal to backload the continent’s Emissions Trading Scheme that sets a price for industrial carbon dioxide emissions in an effort to combat climate change.  The vote was lost be 334-315 with British Tory MEPs voting against.

Today, the Environment Committee of the European Parliament voted again on the measure, sending it back to the full parliament for another attempt to pass the legislation.

Tory MEPs voted against backloading despite knowing that carbon prices in the UK leave UK manufacturers paying more for their electricity than their EU competitors and the EU plans would have reduced that gap.

Their votes pu tUK manufacturing industry at a disadvantage compared to Germany or the Netherlands.

Speaking after the Environment Committee’s 2-1 endorsement of the plan UK Lib Dem MEP Chris Davies MEP said, “Conservative MEPs have turned their back on the future and shown their contempt both for the needs of British industry and the policies of the coalition government.

“The simple fact is that business in Britain is paying more for energy than our competitors and this measure will set that right while keeping up the fight against climate change.

“A lot of work has been done to find common ground between most of the parties in the European Parliament but Tory Eurosceptics in Brussels are undermining our efforts.

“Conservative MEPs could have helped to level the playing field for UK manufacturers building parts for cars and aeroplanes right here in the North West.

“Instead they let their hatred of the EU get in the way of their own party policy and of economic growth.

“I feel good about our chances of winning the votes in July when the full Parliament meets but only the Liberal Democrat part of the coalition seems to be interested in helping build a stronger economy and create more jobs when it comes to this issue.

“The poisonous atmosphere in the Conservative Party about the EU is actively damaging Britains interests and it is time they put their constituents first.”


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