I’ll protect £100K “fake” Chagall – says Yorkshire MEP

A senior MEP has offered to step in to stop the destruction of a ‘fake’ Chagall painting owned by his constituent, businessman Martin Lang of Leeds.

Vice-President of the European Parliament Edward McMillan-Scott (Yorkshire & Humber, Liberal Democrat) said:

“If the Chagall family go ahead and destroy the painting they claim is fake it will be vandalism. As it happens, I prefer the ‘fake’ to the original, as it is more typical of Chagall’s style.”

“If Mr Lang gets in touch with me, I will immediately seek to establish Mr Lang’s rights under EU law to the picture he bought for £100,000 in good faith.” the MEP said as he prepared to travel to Strasbourg tomorrow.

The ‘fake’ saga is the subject of Fake or Fortune broadcast on BBC 2 TV at 18:00 on 2 February.