LYON: Shocking waste in EU interpretation budget

Liberal Democrat MEPs today warned officials that action must be taken to reduce waste in the EU interpretation budget after it was revealed that almost 12% of the budget last year was spent on services not used on account of late requests or cancellations

While welcoming the news that 10 million euros of savings were made in 2012, Liberal Democrat MEP GeorgeLyonsaid that more efforts were needed to reduce the European Parliament’s administrative budget.

The Scottish MEP, who is Vice-President of the European Parliament’s Budget Committee, commented: Continue reading

Ludford: EU law on legal advice will protect Brits abroad

Baroness Sarah Ludford MEPThe European Parliament has approved the text of a new EU Directive to guarantee all suspects and accused persons the right to have a lawyer so that they are able to defend themselves and have a fair trial wherever they are in the EU.

Although the right of defence for anyone suspected of a crime is widely recognised as a basic element of a fair trial, the conditions under which suspects may consult a lawyer differ among Member States. Continue reading