Ludford: Europeans must be protected from Prism snooping

Baroness Sarah Ludford MEPLiberal Democrat MEP Sarah Ludford, ALDE group shadow rapporteur on the update of EU data protection law, is demanding that an ‘anti-FISA’ clause be reintroduced in the text of the proposed new Regulation.

She wants to ensure that EU customers are shielded from US National Security Agency data-mining authorised by the Patriot Act and the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court, such as the recently revealed ‘PRISM’ programme. Sarah Ludford said:

“MEPs including me have been pushing the European Commission for years about how the EU can safeguard Europeans against these intrusive powers, but we have been given the brush-off.” Continue reading

Bennion: Revised Electro-Magnetic Fields Directive ‘safe but practical’ for industry and hospitals

A revised proposal for the Electro-Magnetic Fields Directive adopted by the European Parliament inStrasbourgtoday is ‘safe, proportionate and practical,’ say Liberal Democrat MEPs, who lobbied hard for the original draft directive to be withdrawn.

The new text has been substantially modified after Lib Dem MEPS, especially former West Midlands MEP Liz Lynne, highlighted objections from industry and in particular health services that safety restrictions to prevent exposure to Electro-Magnetic Fields were so tightly drawn that technology such as hospital MRI scanners would be impossible to use.

Her successor, Phil Bennion MEP, the current Lib Dem Employment and Social Affairs spokesman, said the new proposals, supported by the UK government, were now practical and evidence-based.

“The previous EMF directive ruled out the use of MRI scanners in hospitals, by prohibiting nurses and other medical staff from being present in a scanner room with a patient during scans. Continue reading

Newton Dunn: We must tackle Organised Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering

Bill Newton-Dunn MEPToday the European Parliament adopted a report calling for greater cooperation to tackle organised crime, corruption and money laundering in the European Union. Liberal Democrat MEP for the East Midlands Bill Newton Dunn, who has been fighting for these issues to be dealt with on a political level for years, welcomed the outcome of the vote.

Bill Newton Dunn MEP commented: 

“Hundreds of billions of pounds worth of taxes are lost every year across Europe due to organised crime, as well as millions of legitimate jobs which have been taken out of the grasp of hard-working citizens. Fraud, counterfeiting, smuggling and cyber-crime are all having a drastic impact on the economy and are undermining efforts to promote jobs and growth. Britain is particularly affected, with half of Europol’s investigations into organised crime having links to the UK.” Continue reading

Yes to reform – No to repatriation


Fiona Hall MEPCommenting on the Foreign Affair’s Committee report on the UK’s relationship with the EU, the leader of the Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament, Fiona Hall MEP, said:

“The report makes it crystal clear that the way to reform the EU is by engaging in a pan-European debate and negotiation and not by seeking special treatment as envisaged by the Conservative party. Continue reading