LYON: End of trade war on hormon-treated beef imports

The European Parliament voted today to end the 14-year old transatlantic beef wars.

Condemned by the WTO for its refusal to import hormone-treated beef originating in the United States and Canada, and being subject to retaliatory trade measures costing millions of Euros each year, the EU has always refused to budge on its principles and ensured that European consumers have guarantees on the quality of imported meat. Continue reading

Lib Dems vote for the UK to play a constructive role at the heart of Europe

Liberal Democrats today strongly condemned the obstructive Conservative approach at an EU level towards tackling the economic and financial challenges facing the Eurozone, saying it would threaten the economic recovery of the UK.

Calling on the Coalition Government to play a constructive role as a major EU player, Liberal Democrat members at their Spring Conference in Gateshead voted in favour of the fiscal compact as a concrete way of leading the Eurozone and theUKtowards the road of economic recovery. Continue reading

Newton Dunn: Helmer’s defection to UKIP shows his utter hypocrisy

Bill Newton Dunn MEPCommenting on Roger Helmer MEP’s defection from the Conservatives to the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Lib Dem MEP Bill Newton Dunn said:

“Roger Helmer’s defection to UKIP is no surprise at all. He has finally ended up with the party where everyone knew he always belonged. His hypocrisy is breathtaking.”

In November 2000, Bill Newton Dunn, who represents the East Midlands alongside Roger Helmer in the European Parliament, left the Conservative Party to join the Liberal Democrats. Bill continued: Continue reading

Watson: Douze Points for Freedom!

Sir Graham Watson MEPOn the day the UK’s entry to the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest is announced, a leading Liberal Democrat MEP has launched his campaign to highlight the abuses of human rights by the host nation, Azerbaijan and is calling on national entries to do the same.

This years Eurovision song contest will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, and whilst entries from across Europewill be able to sing freely, viewers in the host country are not so privileged. Cases of intimidation, harassment and the arrest of opponents of the government are rife, with key opposition members imprisoned and Human Rights tracker Freedom House heavily criticising the lack of press and internet freedoms.

In the lead up to the contest, South West MEP and leader of the European Liberal Democrats Sir Graham Watson is seeking signatures for a petition calling on the immediate release of political prisoners and criticising the abhorrent human rights abuses and imprisonment of political opponents in the country. Sir Graham is also calling on all Twitter followers to use the #douzepointsforfreedom hashtag after they have signed it. Continue reading