UKIP Manager

Ukip Manager

As the January transfer window draws to a close today, English clubs have been buying up some of the best footballing talent in the world.

Most people can’t wait to see Juan Mata or Nemanja Matic in action. Not UKIP.

In fact, UKIP have said that English clubs should be banned from having more than three overseas footballers in their starting line-up.

That would force managers to make some pretty tough decisions about who they would keep and who they would give the boot.

Where would that leave your favourite team? Who would you keep and who would you send home? Toure or Silva? Negredo or Aguero? Oscar or Hazard?

Click on any of the teams below to play UKIP Manager. Scroll up when you’re done to see how others voted, you can then let others know your top three choices on Twitter and Facebook using #UKIPmanager.

If you agree that UKIP’s off-the-wall ideas would be bad for the Premiership and bad for Britain, you can sign our petition here.

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NEWS: Rebecca Taylor announced as new MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber

The Liberal Democrats can confirm the new MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber will be Rebecca Taylor. Rebecca takes up the post following the resignation of Diana Wallis.

Rebecca is from Yorkshire, born and brought up in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. She went to university in Sheffield and Leeds, and Rebecca’s immediate family all live in Yorkshire. Continue reading

NEWS: LUDFORD: Speaking up against hate best testament to Holocaust

Liberal Democrat European justice & human rights spokeswoman and London MEP Sarah Ludford attended an event in London to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, as well as a ceremony in the European Parliament earlier in the week.

She has signed the ‘Speak up, Speak out’ pledge against prejudice and discrimination. Continue reading

NEWS: Duff: MEPs elected on transnational basis would strengthen European democracy

Andrew Duff MEPThe Parliamentary Committee for Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) today adopted by a large majority (17 votes against 7 and 1 abstention) the report of Andrew DUFF to amend the European electoral system. The symbolic element of the report consists of 25 deputies elected in a single European constituency on the basis of transnational lists.

Andrew Duff, ALDE coordinator in AFCO, said: Continue reading

NEWS: BEARDER: Biodiversity destruction is costing EU 450 billion euros every year

Catherine Bearder MEP - South East EnglandEuro MPs last night insisted Governments pay the price for failing to protect biodiversity. The European Parliament has called for a ‘No Net Loss’ principle, so countries which damage nature also compensate for the hit. It came as a report revealed the “silent crisis” of biodiversity loss costs the EU around 450 billion Euros every year.

At the moment, countries first finance the destruction and then battle to find the money to fix it. Continue reading

NEWS: Sharon Bowles re-elected Chair of European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee

Sharon Bowles MEPAmid fears that David Cameron’s veto had isolated the UK in Brussels, MEPs from across Europe and the political spectrum have today re-elected Liberal Democrat MEP Sharon Bowles as Chair of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.

The committee, widely regarded as the Parliament’s most powerful, is responsible for legislation in the headline areas of economic governance and financial services. Continue reading

NEWS: Duff calls for a change to Parliament’s electoral procedure

Andrew Duff MEPAndrew Duff (ALDE/UK), who is Parliament’s rapporteur on electoral reform, has triggered a revision of the Parliament’s own rules for its internal elections. He has written to newly-elected President Schulz to propose a change to the Rules of procedure allowing for the Single Transferable Vote (STV).

In his letter to the President, Duff says: Continue reading