Davies: MEPs overwhelmingly back Commission on fisheries reform

The Environment Committee today unanimously endorsed the Commission’s key proposals for Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform. MEPs adopted 550 amendments drafted by UK Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies calling for measures to stop overfishing and rebuild fish stocks. Commenting after the vote, Chris Davies said:

“Today’s vote sends a strong signal that a huge number of MEPs in all political groups recognise the need to stop overfishing and rebuild fish stocks

“If we want a long term future for Europe’s fishing industry, we need to Continue reading

LYON: End of trade war on hormon-treated beef imports

The European Parliament voted today to end the 14-year old transatlantic beef wars.

Condemned by the WTO for its refusal to import hormone-treated beef originating in the United States and Canada, and being subject to retaliatory trade measures costing millions of Euros each year, the EU has always refused to budge on its principles and ensured that European consumers have guarantees on the quality of imported meat. Continue reading

NEWS: Chris Davies’ Fishy Ideas

Picture shows Matthias Groote MEP, Chair of the Environment Committee of the European Parliament (left) with Chris Davies MEP (right) and Bill the Cod.

Chris Davies MEP has tabled more than 100 amendments in the European Parliament aimed at putting Europe’s Common Fisheries Policy on a sustainable basis and ensuring that there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Chris holds a key role in the law-making process that has given him the opportunity to take the lead in putting forward his ideas. Continue reading

NEWS: LYON: Commission heading for re-run of eggs fiasco with pig welfare reforms

George Lyon MEPGeorge Lyon MEP has called on the European Commission to take urgent action to prevent the ban on sow stalls, due to come into force in 2013, turning into a re-run of the eggs fiasco.

In answer to questions submitted by Mr Lyon, the Commission revealed that only three of the twenty-seven EU Member states – United Kingdom, Sweden and Luxembourg – already comply with the new welfare rules. Continue reading

NEWS: BEARDER: Biodiversity destruction is costing EU 450 billion euros every year

Catherine Bearder MEP - South East EnglandEuro MPs last night insisted Governments pay the price for failing to protect biodiversity. The European Parliament has called for a ‘No Net Loss’ principle, so countries which damage nature also compensate for the hit. It came as a report revealed the “silent crisis” of biodiversity loss costs the EU around 450 billion Euros every year.

At the moment, countries first finance the destruction and then battle to find the money to fix it. Continue reading

NEWS: Andrew Duff wants controversial EU-Morocco fish pact to go to European Court

Andrew Duff MEPUK Liberal Democrat MEP Andrew DUFF and at least one-tenth of the whole European Parliament have tabled a resolution to refer the controversial EU – Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement to the European Court of Justice for an opinion on its legality under the EU Treaties and international law.

The resolution ‑ which is jointly promoted by Mr DUFF and Raul ROMEVA I RUEDA (Verts/ALE, ES) ‑ is the first attempt by the European Parliament to use its new Lisbon Treaty power to refer the EU’s international agreements to the Court for a judicial opinion before taking its vote of consent. Continue reading