McMillan-Scott: European Parliament defends cost-cutting calendar vote in front of ECJ

Edward McMillan-Scott MEPMEPs are today [5 June] defending a key parliamentary vote to merge two of their October parliamentary sessions into one week in Strasbourg to save costs at a public hearing in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.
MEPs are forced by EU governments to meet for 12 sessions each year in Strasbourg but on 9 March 2011, they voted by 357-253 to change their parliamentary calendar. The governments of France and Luxembourg – where part of Parliament’s administrative staff are located – contested this vote. A final judgment is expected this autumn:
ALDE MEP Edward McMillan-Scott (UK, Liberal Democrats), a European Parliament Vice-President and co-chair of the Single Seat campaign, who last year published an extensive report ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ to highlight the issue, commented: Continue reading

McMillan-Scott: Funding for missing children is step in right direction

Edward McMillan-Scott MEPOn International Missing Children’s Day (25 May), senior Liberal Democrat MEP Edward McMillan-Scott said he will call at a major conference in Brussels next week (30 May) for EU countries tro continue their efforts towards EU missing child mechanisms, including hotlines, an alert system and a research centre into child hazards like that in Washington. This follows a successful plea to MEPs by Kate and Gerry McCann and a resolution by a majority of them authored by McMillan-Scott. Brussels committed 3.6 million Euros in 2012 and will announce further steps shortly.
“As a father and grandfather I can only imagine the nightmare of a missing child, but it happens all too often. Some countries like the USA and France have sophisticated government-run schemes which are effective in recovering children and deterring abduction. Other countries rely on charities, which do good work. But my intention is that the whole EU will soon have properly funded schemes”, said McMillan-Scott, a European Parliament Vice-President and co-founder of its cross-party Child Rights Alliance. Continue reading

McMillan-Scott: MEPs call for single seat of the European Parliament ahead of first ECJ hearing

Edward McMillan-Scott MEPIn a vote to clear the EU’s budget for 2010, MEPs have today sent out another strong message of support for a single working location of the European Parliament.

EU Member States continue to veto a single seat for the European Parliament despite the fact that it would achieve estimated savings of € 180million (£145million) a year.

A court case brought forward by France and Luxembourg against the European Parliament’s decision to merge two Strasbourg sessions into one week is due to start on June 5th.

Senior Liberal Democrat MEP and Vice President of the European Parliament, Edward McMillan-Scott who co-chairs the cross party Single Seat campaign group, commented: Continue reading

McMillan-Scott: Success for Single Seat campaign

Edward McMillan-Scott MEPMEPs today voted overwhelmingly in favour of a single seat for the European Parliament as part of their negotiating position with EU Member States on the Parliament’s budget for 2013.

UK Lib Dem MEP Edward McMillan-Scott, who co-founded and co-chairs the cross-party Single Seat campaign, said:

“Today’s vote yet again shows that a large majority of MEPs is in favour of a single seat for the European Parliament. Continue reading

Lib Dems once again vote for a Single Seat of the European Parliament

Today, MEPs in the European Parliament’s Budget Committtee voted in favour of a single place of work for the Parliament and once again urged Members States to end the costly travelling circus between StrasbourgandBrussels.

Amendments to the European Parliament Budget guidelines from 2013 to 2020 put forward by Liberal Democrat MEPs also called for a reorganisation of Parliament’s working methods and an independent evaluation of Parliament’s budget in order to identify further savings. In particular, Lib Dem MEPs called for a detailed report on the cost of maintaining three places of work and the financing of the Parliament’s buidling policy. Continue reading

Lib Dems vote for the UK to play a constructive role at the heart of Europe

Liberal Democrats today strongly condemned the obstructive Conservative approach at an EU level towards tackling the economic and financial challenges facing the Eurozone, saying it would threaten the economic recovery of the UK.

Calling on the Coalition Government to play a constructive role as a major EU player, Liberal Democrat members at their Spring Conference in Gateshead voted in favour of the fiscal compact as a concrete way of leading the Eurozone and theUKtowards the road of economic recovery. Continue reading

Re-election of Edward McMillan-Scott excellent news – Browne


Edward McMillan-Scott in Tahrir Square the day after Hosni Mubarak’s fall

Commenting on the re-election of Edward McMillan-Scott, Liberal Democrat MEP for Yorkshire & Humber, as Vice-President of the European Parliament with the portfolio for Democracy and Human Rights, as well a new responsibility for Transatlantic Relations, British Foreign Office Minister and Liberal Democrat MP for Taunton Deane, Jeremy Browne said:

“I am delighted at Edward’s re-election. He has proved a passionate, determined and highly effective campaigner for human rights and democracy.  Continue reading

MEPs vote to tighten their own belts

MEPs in Strasbourg have today voted to freeze their own allowances until mid-2014 and cap the travel budget at the present level in order to meet demands that all EU institutions cut their administrative spending.

Senior Liberal Democrat MEP and Vice President of the Parliament’s Budget Committee, George Lyon, who is pushing for the EU budget to be radically restructured and independently evaluated to find further savings, commented after the vote:

“At a time when people across the country struggle to make ends meet, it is important that MEPs show some leadership in keeping the Parliament’s costs under control. Continue reading

NEWS: McMillan-Scott: EP ‘Travelling Circus’ must end

Edward McMillan-Scott MEPSenior Liberal Democrat MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament, Edward McMillan-Scott is leading the campaign, alongside fellow Vice-President Alexander Alvaro, a German Liberal, to end the ‘travelling circus’ of MEPs moving 12 times a year, 400km from Parliament’s home in Brussels to its second home in Strasbourg.

As residents across the country are tightening their financial belts, Edward McMillan-Scott is demanding that the European Parliament does the same.  Continue reading

NEWS: Edward McMillan-Scott deplores decline of democracy in Russia

Edward McMillan-Scott MEPSpeaking to the European Parliament’s plenary, Edward McMillan Scott deplores the decline of democracy in Russia and the modest official EU statements in response. He wants EU money for the promotion of human rights and democracy to be used in connection with Russia – the “bear on the doorstep” to the EU rather than “the elephant in the room”.