NEWS: DUFF: ‘Strategic Mistake’ to move science research from Europe to US

Andrew Duff MEPBASF have announced that they are to relocate their plant science research hub from Europe to the United States. UK Liberal Democrat Euro-MP Andrew Duff says he regrets the decision of a leading European Science Companies to move to the USA.

Mr Duff said: “Until we intensify research into GM we will be unable as a society to take informed decisions about the future of plant biotechnology. GM science offers the prospect of long-term solutions to problems of disease, drought, nutrition and food insecurity.” Continue reading

Duff article originally published in the FT: The new British policy of sabotage

Andrew Duff MEPNot cock-up but conspiracy. Not stupid but sabotage. That is the inevitable verdict on the British government’s performance at the European summit on December 8-9. David Cameron’s coalition government was driven by the need to avoid a referendum onEurope – which device, perversely, they have entrenched in the British constitution.

Throughout the autumn, British ministers continued to insist, against the evidence, that no treaty change was in the offing. When reality dawned inLondon, the government had to stand traditional British policy on its head. Gone were the days of divide and rule, of keeping a seat at the negotiating table, of damage limitation, of defensive “red lines”; in came the new British policy of sabotage. Continue reading

NEWS: Andrew Duff wants controversial EU-Morocco fish pact to go to European Court

Andrew Duff MEPUK Liberal Democrat MEP Andrew DUFF and at least one-tenth of the whole European Parliament have tabled a resolution to refer the controversial EU – Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement to the European Court of Justice for an opinion on its legality under the EU Treaties and international law.

The resolution ‑ which is jointly promoted by Mr DUFF and Raul ROMEVA I RUEDA (Verts/ALE, ES) ‑ is the first attempt by the European Parliament to use its new Lisbon Treaty power to refer the EU’s international agreements to the Court for a judicial opinion before taking its vote of consent. Continue reading