Bill Newton Dunn MEP: New EU volunteer initiative will provide opportunities for people to assist those in need

Bill Newton Dunn MEPToday the European Parliament backed the creation of the new EU Aid Volunteers initiative. It will provide a way for people willing to help communities around the world struck by disasters. Around 4,000 volunteers from across Europe will be deployed at various periods throughout the course of the scheme until 2020.

The new programme will be open to people from all ages and walks of life who have the relevant skills and knowledge needed to assist during a humanitarian crisis. Deployed volunteers will receive training and will be provided with all relevant resources needed during the mission. It is envisaged that volunteers will be brought together with international organisations to work together on common projects.

Bill Newton Dunn, Liberal Democrat MEP for the East Midlands said:

“Every year I am struck by the number of people who are willing to dedicate so much time and energy into helping others overseas, so I believe it’s only right that we have proper structures in place to make applying to volunteer as easy as possible.”

“We live in a world where sadly natural disasters are becoming ever more common so Europe must be able to provide humanitarian organisations with people who are skilled and willing to help.”

“It is only the Liberal Democrats who are making the case for Europe as the party of “in” and we believe opportunities, such as this scheme, highlight the opportunities Britons receive through being in Europe.”

Newton Dunn: Billions of pounds in taxes and thousands of jobs being lost to organised crime

Bill Newton-Dunn MEPThe European Parliament today voted on a report calling more European coopeation to address organised crime, corruption and money-laundering in the EU. The report calls for stronger maritime cooperation and border management to stamp out human-trafficking and the smuggling of counterfeit products, weapons and illegal drugs. It also calls for better information-sharing and coordination between national authorities to enable them to fight organised crime and confiscate criminal assets more effectively.

Bill Newton Dunn MEP, the Liberal Democrat Coordinator on the European Parliament’s committee on Organised Crime, commented:

“Shockingly, at a time when governments across Europe are struggling to balance the books, we are losing billions of pounds worth of tax revenue each year to gangs of ruthless criminals. VAT fraud alone is estimated to account for €100 billion of lost revenue a year to the EU, while £4.7 billion of taxes are being lost to criminals annually in the UK. Continue reading

Newton Dunn: We must tackle Organised Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering

Bill Newton-Dunn MEPToday the European Parliament adopted a report calling for greater cooperation to tackle organised crime, corruption and money laundering in the European Union. Liberal Democrat MEP for the East Midlands Bill Newton Dunn, who has been fighting for these issues to be dealt with on a political level for years, welcomed the outcome of the vote.

Bill Newton Dunn MEP commented: 

“Hundreds of billions of pounds worth of taxes are lost every year across Europe due to organised crime, as well as millions of legitimate jobs which have been taken out of the grasp of hard-working citizens. Fraud, counterfeiting, smuggling and cyber-crime are all having a drastic impact on the economy and are undermining efforts to promote jobs and growth. Britain is particularly affected, with half of Europol’s investigations into organised crime having links to the UK.” Continue reading

Newton Dunn: Customs authorities must be allowed to fight back against counterfeiting

Bill Newton-Dunn MEPLiberal Democrat MEP Bill Newton Dunn has criticised an alliance of Labour, Green and UKIP MEPs that voted against more effective custom checks to enforce intellectual property rights (IPR) and protect customers from potentially dangerous counterfeit products.

A majority of MEPs in the European Parliament voted today in favour of improved intellectual property protection by giving greater powers to EU customs authorities to detain and possibly destroy goods which potentially infringe upon IPRs.

Mr Newton Dunn, who has worked extensively on combating potentially dangerous counterfeit products, commented after the vote: Continue reading

Newton Dunn: Special Committee on Organised Crime first step towards tackling cross border crime

Bill Newton Dunn MEPUK Lib DEM MEP Bill Newton Dunn has been elected as a full member of the European Parliament’s new Special Committee on Organised Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering. The Special Committee will have a 12 month term of office during which it is mandated to investigate and assess Organised Crime in its various forms, and its impact on European Union. The Committee will also make recommendations for measures to tackle these problems.

Newton Dunn, who has long been a stalwart campaigner for stronger EU action against organised crime, has high hopes for the Committee:

“For many years now, I have worked to highlight  the manifold activities of organised criminal networks, which grow increasingly strong and wealthy enjoying relative freedom and impunity across borders. Throughout, I have consistently argued that we will get nowhere towards curbing this problem without better, stronger, closer, cooperation of enforcement authorities.  We need a European FBI. Continue reading

Lib Dems vote for the UK to play a constructive role at the heart of Europe

Liberal Democrats today strongly condemned the obstructive Conservative approach at an EU level towards tackling the economic and financial challenges facing the Eurozone, saying it would threaten the economic recovery of the UK.

Calling on the Coalition Government to play a constructive role as a major EU player, Liberal Democrat members at their Spring Conference in Gateshead voted in favour of the fiscal compact as a concrete way of leading the Eurozone and theUKtowards the road of economic recovery. Continue reading

Newton Dunn: Helmer’s defection to UKIP shows his utter hypocrisy

Bill Newton Dunn MEPCommenting on Roger Helmer MEP’s defection from the Conservatives to the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Lib Dem MEP Bill Newton Dunn said:

“Roger Helmer’s defection to UKIP is no surprise at all. He has finally ended up with the party where everyone knew he always belonged. His hypocrisy is breathtaking.”

In November 2000, Bill Newton Dunn, who represents the East Midlands alongside Roger Helmer in the European Parliament, left the Conservative Party to join the Liberal Democrats. Bill continued: Continue reading

NEWS: Newton Dunn: Parliament´s environment committee calls for limit of phosphorus in household detergents

Bill Newton Dunn MEPThe European Parliament Environment Committee today voted to limit the amount of phosphorus permitted in household detergents.

The Commission had proposed to restrict the use of phosphates and other phosphorus compounds in household laundry detergents only. That decision was uncontroversial – from the point of view not only of the European Parliament, but also the Council and Commission.

However, EP ALDE Rapporteur Bill Newton Dunn (Lib Dem,UK) proposed to go further, to extend the limitation to detergents for household automatic dishwashers. Continue reading